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Stressed Out? Why not try Brain Working Recursive Therapy!

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Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BRWT) is a new therapy technique that is taking the stress management world by storm.
BRWT is actually a very natural, non-invasive therapy that helps an individual to rewire their thought processes. It can help sufferers of stress-related issues to reduce their anxiety levels and cope better with their worries.
The great thing about BRWT is its ability to help those living with phobias and irrational fears. This therapy can help those that are scared of a wide range of things or activities that don’t bother other people, such as a fear of flying, being scared of spiders or even anxiety over public speaking or giving presentations at work.

What is BRWT talking therapy?
Over the years a number of trusted methods to help ease stress, fears and anxiety have been developed, including cognitive behavioural and mindful therapies. These therapies, including BRWT, are called talking therapies and were originally developed by Freud more than 100 years ago.
BRWT is a type of talking therapy that is suitable and very effective for just about anyone. The therapy involves a one-to-one session with a practitioner. During the session, the patient will be given the tools to enable them to reprogram their emotional or habitual responses to their stress triggers.
The power of the mind is stronger than you think and by using BRWT you will be able to rewire your brain so effectively that for minor anxiety and stressful issues, you may only need one session to see amazing results!

The history of BWRT
The credit for developing BWRT goes to a therapist called Terence Watt. A practitioner for more than 30 years, with over 35,000 hours of therapy under his belt, Terence worked on combining his knowledge and experience of hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique and CBT to create a new therapy technique.
BWRT really helps to ingrain and hard-wire a new way of thinking that doesn’t need multiple repeat sessions to become truly effective.
In most other therapies, it can take a long time for changes to happen and patients will need to keep having repeat sessions for the treatment to become effective. While BWRT shouldn’t be looked at as some sort of convenient short-cut, the therapy has proven to deliver positive results in a much shorter time.

How does Brain Working Recursive Therapy work?
What is most interesting about BWRT is how it not only provides you with a different mental reaction to your trigger, but it also creates a different neural pathway for you to follow before your mind has a chance to react negatively to an issue.
The neurological changes made through BWRT can be so subtle and natural that the patient will not even notice the ‘switch’ is activated.
BWRT is such a flexible and adaptive therapy that practitioners can use it to successfully treat pretty much anything that needs addressing. Whether you have an annoying habit that you want to break, an uncomfortable feeling or rise in your anxiety levels about public speaking, right up to and including very severe phobias or PTSD, this therapy has proven to be extremely effective.

Retraining your lizard brain
You may have heard the term ‘lizard brain’. This is often used to refer to your limbic cortex where your automatic responses originate from. You cannot normally control your limbic cortex because it is one of the oldest parts of our human brain and evolved to help protect us in our early evolution.
Our limbic cortex is responsible for our ‘fight or flight’ reaction to danger. While we no longer need to physically flee from the threat of wolf packs or prowling lions or bears, we still retain this primitive ability to react the same way to stressful situations.
The limbic cortex controls the reactions that don’t need any conscious thought. These include bodily functions such as breathing, hormonal system, respiration, perspiration, and normal organ functions. But will kick in with the fight-or-flight reaction when we are faced with a difficult situation, such as trying to board a plane while suffering from fear of flying.
How BWRT works is to record over what is a set automatic reaction to our triggers so that we no longer react in the same way as we did in the past.

How long are BWRT sessions?
A normal BWRT session lasts approximately one hour. Your therapist will talk to you about how you feel while reacting to a stressful situation and then use the session to focus on how you would rather react in the future.
The sessions need not be as uncomfortable or awkward as other types of therapy or counselling. This is because there is often no need to discuss the very root of your problem, just the ways in which you can better manage your reaction.

Basically, BWRT uses techniques that allow you to freeze your response to a stressful situation before it reaches your limbic cortex. It is a therapy that looks to alter your response before your lizard brain gets a chance to form a troubling emotion or reaction.

Stressed Out? Why Not Try BWRT?
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Stressed Out? Why Not Try BWRT?
BRWT is a natural, non-invasive therapy that helps an individual to rewire their thought processes. It can help sufferers of stress-related issues to reduce their anxiety levels and cope better with their worries.
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Lisa Jury Therapy
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