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How BWRT Can Help With Generalised Anxiety Disorder

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Anyone suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) will understand what a nightmare the condition is to live with.
For those who live with or know someone with GAD, it is a condition that causes a person to feel extremely anxious. They can feel anxious about all sorts of different things, quite often about things or circumstances that anyone else would not be bothered or concerned about in the slightest.

No matter what the cause for their anxiety, their symptoms may include:

  • A racing heart rate
  • Shallow breathing or shortness of breath
  • Physical shaking
  • Brain fog and confusion
  • Feeling sick or dizzy

A lot of GAD sufferers also experience other symptoms such as irritability, restlessness, and may have difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep.
Others may be constantly on edge or feel a sense of fear or dread throughout their everyday lives.

It is estimated that around 5% of the UK population suffer from GAD and symptoms are more commonly found in women rather than men and GAD is most prevalent in those aged between 35 and 59 years old.

Why is BWRT different from other therapies?
Many people with GAD seek help through trying various treatments and therapies, often with mixed levels of success. What treatment and therapy work for one GAD sufferer may not work as well or at all for another.
When people finally come across BWRT after trying other therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), they can find a higher level of success – usually permanently!
Many people try CBT and find it helpful for a while, but eventually they will see their symptoms return. Trying BWRT is different because this therapy targets the non-conscious part of your mind – the place where your anxious behaviour originates from.

What is BWRT?
BWRT stands for ‘Brain Working Recursive Therapy’. It is a relatively new type of therapy that works differently from more traditional and more familiar therapy such as CBT.
What BWRT aims to do is to address your anxiety before it is triggered. The effects of the treatments have so far shown to be extremely effective with a permanent change of cognitive behaviour seen in patients in a very short period of treatment time.
Created in 2011 by Terrence Watts, Principal of the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, BWRT goes deeper than simply talking to the conscious mind. The techniques are used to target the non-conscious brain and uses the latest developments in neuroscience to retrain your subconscious mind.

Can BWRT help with GAD?
The simple answer is yes! BWRT works with most mind-related issues and results show that someone seeking help with either lifelong phobias or severe anxiety disorders may only need one or two BWRT sessions to see outstanding results.

You can find out more about BWRT on my site, or you can contact me for a friendly chat to discuss how a session of BWRT with me will help you with your GAD issues.

I am a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and can help you with a whole range of different issues that are negatively affecting your life.

Together we can work on resolving your issues through BWRT or other proven healing techniques to bring some balance and peace to your life.

Why not take a step towards a better life today. I am here to help!





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