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How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Your Fear Of Dogs

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Unless you are really looking for them, you might not have noticed that dogs are everywhere; in your neighbour’s garden, in the local park, being walked down the high street. You may not have noticed how many people have dogs these days, unless you have a fear of them that is. What some may find completely normal, and even cute and cuddly, others can really struggle with.

Some people may have been bitten by a rogue dog, been barked at unexpectedly, or may just have an innate fear of dogs, and all of these scenarios describe what is known as a ‘dog phobia’ or ‘cynophobia’. Not all dog phobias are characterised by screaming and running at the sight of a dog; even a raised heart rate, sweaty palms or an overall feeling of dread when you are close to or thinking about a dog may mean you have a phobia that should be treated.

If you suffer from a phobia you may be able to get by in life without encountering it up close and personal. For example, if you suffer from a fear of flying you can choose to never get on a plane, or you can cope with your fear of enclosed spaces by always taking the stairs, but a fear of dogs is slightly trickier… You never know when you might be confronted by a dog when walking down the street or visiting a friends’ house, and that is what makes this phobia so inconvenient and scary to those who suffer from it.

When dealing with any type of phobia some people tend to go with the ‘face your fear’ tactic, but this is often extremely unpleasant for the phobia sufferer and can be a very slow and drawn out process. This is where hypnotherapy comes in. Through a series of hypnotherapy sessions, the hypnotherapist will work with the unconscious mind to find the root of your dog phobia and then alter the way that your brain reacts to seeing or thinking about a dog. By putting you into a trance-like state you will become more susceptible to suggestions and the hypnotherapist will use this state to communicate with you on a deeper level and ultimately change your behaviours and reactions.

If you have tried a few other options when dealing with your fear of dogs, then hypnotherapy is definitely worth a try. For some it may take one session, for others it may take a few more, but through determination and positive thinking you can achieve freedom from your phobias through hypnotherapy.


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