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Weight Loss

Diets make you fat!

– Stop the fads and start a way of life that will help you to be healthy and lose weight.
– Do you want to find out why you can’t shift that weight?

Eating is one of the fundamental acts of living that we have to continue in order to live. However, life has changed as we have entered into the 21st century. The jobs that we do aren’t as physically demanding, most of us will own cars for transport, food is readily available and can be pre-prepared and processed foods, there are adverts everywhere enticing us to eat and drink various brand labels, we have an abundance of fast food chains that surround us and are relatively cheap, plus many people feel that they don’t have the time to properly invest in a healthy diet and exercise regime.

In addition to this people eat for many reasons, and not all of them are because they are hungry. We attach emotions to food and can crave certain foods when we’re feeling a particular way because that is how we have learnt to cope with those emotions for many years.

An emotion doesn’t need food – So don’t feed the emotion.

Learn to feed your physical body the food it needs so it can run efficiently and serve you well into your future, let’s turn that body into one that is slimmed down and healthy, without putting it through the trauma of fad diets that will only work whilst you’re on them, and then very often have the reverse effect with the weight being piled back on.

The emotions and feelings that are involved in the over-eating process can also be dealt with. We can detach them from your usual pattern of over eating and allow you to eat sensibly, regularly, and healthily.

You will benefit from being able to enjoy eating your food, without being ruled by it. You will no longer need to think you’re on a diet, and the pounds will vanish as you establish a way of eating and living for the rest of your life.

Weight loss isn’t just for women. All you men out there that are struggling with your weight gain can be helped to lose weight, get in shape, and feel good about yourself.

Contact me for an initial consultation so we can discuss how you can stop the battle with weight and start to live a life where you’ve ditched those excess pounds you’re carrying.