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Fears & Phobias

It is a fact, we are born with only two instincts:

  • Fear of loud noises
  • Fear of falling

The rest we have acquired during the process of living our lives. From the moment we’re born, apart from those two instincts, we are a blank canvas onto which we paint the attributes that develop us into the people that we become as adults. These come from those people closest to us – family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues – and our life experiences.

We all have a fear of something, and sometimes those fears develop into a much more life limiting process by becoming a phobia.

What are your fears and phobias?

There are many of them that we share as a nation with the most common ones being

  • Spiders
  • Social situations, meeting new people
  • Flying
  • Small spaces
  • Open areas and spaces
  • Heights
  • Water
  • Driving
  • Public speaking
  • Exam nerves

There are many more, the list is very long. When these start to become a problem in our lives, and make us do things we don’t want to do, or stop us from doing things we want to do, then the balance has shifted from becoming a rational fear that we can deal with into something that rules our lives.

These can be dealt with and removed from your life. This can be done using hypnotherapy, which has been successful with the alleviation of fears and phobias.

Another extremely powerful method that can be used to deal with these issues is the amazingly effective BWRT process that is explained on its own BWRT page. You can also visit the BWRT.org website to find out more information about this incredible therapy.