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Anxiety & Stress

Who doesn’t suffer from either of these two horrors in our very busy 21st century lives!

Sometimes, however, the weight of dealing with your life, situations, work, family, relationships etc. can outweigh what you are able to cope with.

Once this happens and your levels of stress and anxiety exceed your coping mechanisms then you can incur a whole heap of stress related symptoms. The list is long, and different for everyone, as we are all individuals and our bodies react differently. You might be suffering from headaches, insomnia, panic attacks, palpitations, being short tempered, develop eczema, or have a general feeling of just not being able to cope and finding yourself wound up like a coiled spring the majority of the time, or perhaps you can’t even rationally justify your stress, do you snap at the slightest things?

However it manifests itself within you, be assured that you do not have to continue to feel this way throughout your life. I can help you with your stress and anxiety, whether it’s helping you to reduce those feelings, completely melt them away, or help you cope with on-going situations in a much more calm and productive way. Contact me for an initial consultation to discuss your issues, this session is complementary and we can discuss how I can help you to move forward in your life in a way that is better suited to you.